The Company

We are a forestry based publicly held company, controlled by Suzano Holding and belonging to Group Suzano. Recognized for innovation and a pioneering spirit for over 90 years, Suzano is a 100% Brazilian company that is a global reference in the development of products made from planted eucalyptus forests and one of the largest vertically integrated producers of eucalyptus pulp and paper in Latin America. Its product portfolio includes coated and uncoated printing and writing paper, paperboard, tissue paper, market pulp and fluff Pulp.

Our structure includes administrative offices in Salvador (BA) and in São Paulo (SP), three integrated pulp and paper mills in the state of São Paulo (Suzano Unit and Limeira Unit) and one in the state of Bahia (Mucuri Unit); one non-integrated paper mill in the state of São Paulo (Rio Verde Unit) and a pulp mill in the state of Maranhão (Imperatriz Unit), and FuturaGene. We also have the largest paper and graphic product distribution in South America. The Company's foreign structure consists in representative office in China, as well as subsidiaries in the United States, Switzerland, Argentina and Austria. Suzano is one of the largest companies with a structure for distributing paper and printing products in South America.

In 2015, Suzano announced an investment to adapt one of its Printing and Writing machines at the Suzano mill to produce Fluff pulp, becoming a pioneer in the use of hardwood fiber to produce this kind of pulp. The operation's start-up was on December, 2015 and Suzano has now flexibility to produce up to 100 thousand tons of Fluff pulp or Printing and Writing paper.

In 2017, the Company began producing and selling tissue paper produced at its units in Mucuri, Bahia and in Imperatriz, Maranhão, announced the acquisition of tissue producer Facepa – Fábrica de Papel da Amazônia S.A. and launched its first brand of toilet paper, Max Pure®. In 2018, the company will launch sales of finished goods in key markets of Brazil’s North and Northeast regions. The expansion of the Company’s product portfolio creates sustainable value, maximizes its asset base and narrows its relationship with end consumers.

In 2019, 10 months after the announcement, the merger of Suzano Papel e Celulose with Fibria is concluded and Suzano S/A is created. The company is born as the world's largest pulp producer. After this process, the Company took a more systematic approach to its performance in the social, environmental, financial and governance fronts, driving a structural change in operational standards, development of new products and markets, and stakeholder engagement. The company’s goal is to consolidate its position as the benchmark of such an important movement, which is currently embodied in the financial world by the acronym ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). As such, in 2020, Suzano became the first company in both the Americas and the pulp and paper sector to issue Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLB). Following the Bond principles, the company linked the use of the proceeds to achieving the target of 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Mirroring our confidence about the future, in 2021 we announced significant investments in business expansion: the Cerrado Project, conceived with important sustainable aspects and which involves the construction of a new pulp production plant in Ribas do Rio Pardo, Mato Grosso do Sul, with nominal production capacity of two million, five hundred fifty thousand (2,550,000) tons of eucalyptus pulp a year, and scheduled to go operational in the second half of 2024. The Cerrado Project represents an important step forward in the Company's long-term strategy by expanding its structural competitiveness, meeting the growing demand for hardwood pulp and driving the Company's sustainability initiatives.

Corporate Overview

Business Strategy

In an increasingly urbanized world where climate change is already evident and natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, the future depends on our capacity to innovate and our responsibility to optimize the use of available resources.

This scenario represents opportunities for Suzano and based on these we will define our long-term strategic vision.

Long Term Strategic Vision

At the first level is our long-term strategic vision with the three objectives that indicate where Suzano wants to be in the next 10-15 years. Based on our integrated long-term vision, the top leadership was responsible for developing five key ambitions that aim to guide Suzano’s path in the coming years and constitute the second level of our strategy. These are the steps that will need to be taken in the next five years to ensure the company’s success.

Production Capacity (per unit)

(tsd ton) Pulp Paper Adjacent Business
Unit Integrated Market Pulp Printing & Writing Paperboard Tissue Lignin 
Imperatriz 60 1,590 - - 60 -
Mucuri 260 1,480 250 - 60 -
Suzano 450 170¹  350¹ 200 - -
Limeira 290 400 400 - - 20²
Rio Verde - - 50 - - -
Facepa - - - - 30 -
Aracruz -  2,340  - - - -
Três Lagoas  -  3,250  - - - -
Jacareí -  1,100  - - - -
Veracel - 560  - - - -
Mogi das Cruzes (ex KC) - - - - 130 -
Total 1,060 10,890¹ 1,050¹ 200 280 20

1 Flexibility to produce either Fluff or Printing & Writing paper | 2 Lignin start up in 2019

Production Process

production capacity image