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The three aspects: Defined Controlling Group, Capital Markets and Professional Management is the basis of our corporate governance and consequently of our relationship with capital markets and investors. We provide all the information and data in a clear and concise manner so they can easily assess our performance and check if they are aligned with the growth strategies outlined in our annual planning cycles.

Several tools help this governance, including the Code of Conduct. It is widely disseminated among all stakeholders to express and reiterate our corporate conduct and what we expect from our business partners. We have yet another channel which is the External Ombudsman, managed by an independent company, that receives claims via e-mail

This management and control method is strengthened by a Conduct Committee which is responsible for upholding ethics in our business activities and continually improving dialog with our stakeholders The Committee endeavored its efforts last year to respond to all complaints submitted to the External Ombudsman.

We have resorted to internal and external auditors to audit our results and the effectiveness of internal controls and accounting practices. They submit their reports to the Audit Committee. We have maintained a contract with PwC to provide independent audit services.

Corporate Governance Fact Sheet

Number of Board members 10
Number of independent Directors 7
Independent Chairman of the Board and CEO Yes
Professional management: non-cumulative Executive Officer and Director Yes
Bylaws for the Board of Director's Committees Yes
Audit Committee composed by 50% of independent members Yes
Board of Directors Secretariat Yes
Corporate Governance guidelines approved by the Board Yes
Permanent Fiscal Council Yes
Disclosure Policy of Relevant Act or Fact Yes
Securities Trading Policy Yes
Free Float 53%
Member of Novo Mercado segment of tje B3 S.A - Brasil, Bolsa e Balcão Yes
Member of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of the B3 S.A. - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão Yes
Code of Conduct Yes
Conduct Committee Yes
External Ombudsman Yes
Risk Committee Yes

Last updated on March 03, 2022