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Pioneers Cultivating Life

Suzano Manifesto

Although we may be very different, we all share a common feeling, a force that moves us, motivates us, and drives us.

It expands the way we face life, our values, our choices, and our attitudes.

The sum of this drive, along with our way of viewing and doing things, shapes our character and helps us define who we are.

At Suzano, this sum is being strong-and-kind.
Our strength gives us courage to improve what we already know, discover the unknown, blaze new trails, invent, break new ground, all with discipline and resilience.

At the same time, we plant and harvest and we produce and transform, preserving nature, planting seeds of care and cultivating sustainable relationships.

Always with kindness.


The certainty, that the world we want depends on what we do and how we do it, guides the balance between pioneering and cultivating. It paves our path in life and makes us constantly improve every day.

This allows us to be present where it matters most: in your life.
In a mother’s care for her child and in the memories of an unforgettable trip, in bedtime stories and in a love letter to your soulmate, in fun and in games at school, in knowledge and in information, in films and in music, on screens and in sculptures, in what protects us and even in energy.

We are part of the comfort and well-being already present in people’s lives and we want to be able to contribute even more every day.

That is why we pioneer. That is why we cultivate.

Our Dna


At Suzano, we now hyphenate Strong-and-Kind.
Our strength comes with care.

We cultivate as we pioneer.

The sum of strength and kindness makes us evolve in our relationships with people and the environment.

We believe that balance is at the heart of life and that strength multiplies when there is support, affection, and kindness.

Our Values

Planting The Seeds Of Care

For us, sustainability is a way of looking at life: it is how we shape our impact and embrace our commitments. You can see our care in every acre, every tree, and every place where we are present. Every day our relationships with our stakeholders and the impact of our plantations on nature reflect our care. Our business depends on best practices related to people and the environment, and on the understanding that our actions go well beyond the company. After all, the world we wish for depends on what we do.

Harvesting Pride

We carry the passion of being Suzano, a shared feeling that makes our days lighter, fuels our actions, makes us resilient to difficult times and reinforces our commitments to ourselves and to our stakeholders. We are proud of what we do, how we act, and to be part of a company that sets an example.

Exploring Innovation

Paths are often winding and sometimes they do not even exist. Part of our journey is to build them and blaze new trails. This is why we face challenges with courage and learn from our mistakes. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to find opportunities of all shapes and sizes so that new technologies, models, processes, and businesses can better transform what we already know and help discover what we have not yet created.

Improve Every Day

To continue investing in the present and in the future, we must excel at what we do. That is why we are in a state of constant transformation. We seek to evolve every day. We know that better prepared employees build a better Suzano, that processes that are more efficient promote higher growth, and that doing more, with less, makes us leaner, lighter, and stronger.


Last updated on April 3, 2018