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Transparency and Accountability

To enable our stakeholders monitor our performance in a transparent manner, we have an Sustainability Center addressing the following:

To learn more about sustainability at Suzano, read our Annual Reports or visit the Sustainability section on the corporate website.

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Suzano’s Position Papers

Suzano Sustainability Reports

Fibria Sustainability Reports

Sustainability-Linked Bonds

Other Documents

Our Strategy

Sustainability is part of Suzano’s essence and permeates all our actions and decisions. That’s why, we have built a long-term strategic vision to shape this way of being, business intrinsically aligning business competitiveness with sustainable development.

Long Term Strategic Vision

The fundamental premises of our sustainability initiatives are:

  • Integrated into business management practices.
  • Driven by innovability, the connection between sustainability and innovation.
  • Be transparent and promote dialogue, welcoming diversity of views and strengthening partnerships.
  • Maximize the capacity to generate and share value.
  • From the inside out, engagement of employees to actively participate as agents and ambassadors of transformation.
  • Adoption of a systemic and collaborative approach, connecting the local agenda to the global agenda. 

Our Governance

To implement our strategy, we rely on a strong governance structure consisting of the Sustainability Department, reporting directly to the CEO of the Company and which is responsible for implementing actions in the company’s daily operations in partnership with other departments and the Sustainability Committee. Learn more:

Long Term Strategic Vision

Sustainability Committee

  • Advising the Board of Directors through analyses and recommendations on incorporating sustainability into the company's strategic positioning, risks, as well as on opportunities and measures associated with social and matters that could have a significant impact on the business in the short, medium and long run;
  • Advising the Board of Directors on disseminating the strategic concept of sustainability in order to attain globally accepted standards as the benchmark of excellence;
  • Analyzing and making recommendations on the long-term sustainability goals, and evaluating their respective performance on an annual basis;
  • Periodically analyzing the strategies, actions and projects associated with the company’s sustainability, evaluating their effectiveness in relation to the positioning and goals;
  • Periodically evaluating the actions and quality of relations with stakeholders, as well as the evolution of its image and reputation, making suitable recommendations.

Sustainability Executive Management

  • Coordinate the Sustainability Strategy throughout the company
  • Integration of sustainability aspects throughout the company
  • Transparency and dialogue
  • Stakeholder relationship and engagement
  • Implementation social, environmental and sustainability projects
  • Reporting

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Last updated on July 28, 2020