Our purpose is renewing life inspired by trees. Suzano contributes to the bioeconomy based on the eucalyptus trees that we plant and harvest, we can create solutions and products that still do not exist, but which can replace fossil-origin materials and, thus, contribute to a low carbon economy and a more sustainable future. The path to develop such solutions is what we call innovability - innovation at the service of sustainability - which permeates projects of different sizes and maturities, and in diverse areas of the company.

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Forestry Management

Eucalyptus plantations are at the heart of our business. We use the forest mosaic method, with eucalyptus trees of different ages interspersed with native forests to preserve biodiversity, soil and rivers. We employ biological pest control and define eucalyptus clones for each region. We combat illegal deforestation throughout the chain.

We have a Wood Supply Policy, which reaffirms our commitment to zero deforestation. To read the policy, click here.

We also have three Commitments to Renewing Life linked to Forest Management:

In 2021 Suzano issued two Sustainability-Linked Bond, with one of the performance indicators linked to the goal of reducing water consumption by the end of 2026.

Issue of Sustainability-Linked Bond 2028
Issue of Sustainability-Linked Bond 2032

Additional information on the sustainability scope linked to the bonds is available in the document Sustainability-Linked Securities Framework.

Production and Logistics

The logistics services are performed with security, efficiency and agility across the chain, such as in the transportation of seedlings to farms, wood to mills, as well as pulp and other products to port terminals or distribution centers.

Operational excellence and ecoefficiency:

We constantly strive to increase our productivity and guarantee the levels of efficiency in our operations by constantly reusing resources and waste, increasing the generation and exports of energy from renewable sources, and by improving the quality of our processes.

The units have a structured waste management plan for the management and control of segregation, storage and destination of each type of waste generated during the operation.

Suzano’s energy matrix is mainly sustained by renewable sources:

  • Solid biomass (barks, logs and waste from the wood chipping process);
  • Black liquor (responsible for generating most of the energy).

The surplus electricity generated is directed to the national grid (National Interconnected System – SIN), contributing to an increased degree of renewability of Brazil’s energy matrix.

We also have four Commitments to Renewing Life that are directly linked to Production and Logistics, to be achieved by 2030:


We exercise qualified management of our suppliers based on our Culture Drivers and ESG criteria. We thus guarantee the supply of products and services based on a relationship grounded on ethics and integrity. To learn about the Supplier Code of Conduct, click here.


We impact more than 2 billion people through products developed by customers using pulp, and through paper, packaging and consumer goods for the personal hygiene segment, produced by Suzano itself. To learn more about our products, click here.

Climate Change

We have a sizeable forest base and one of Brazil’s largest private protected native forests, which contribute to the removal and inventory of CO2. We are committed to doing more than merely neutralizing direct and chain emissions. We want to continue removing additional amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, thus helping to mitigate the effects of the global climate crisis.

Suzano, in partnership with Itaú Unibanco, Marfrig, Rabobank, Santander and Vale, has created a company called Biomas to restore and protect an area of 4 million hectares of native forests in different Brazilian biomes, such as the Amazon, Atlantic Forest and Cerrado, over 20 years. The company is born with plans to restore 2 million hectares of degraded areas by planting approximately 2 billion native trees in a large-scale business model. The company will also conserve and preserve 2 million hectares.

Commitment to Renewing Life related to this link in the chain:

In line with its commitment to combat climate change, in 2020 Suzano issued its first Sustainability-Linked Bond, with a performance indicator linked to the target of reducing the Company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

For more details on the SLB, click here:

Issue of Sustainability-Linked Bond 2031

Additional information on the sustainability scope linked to the bond is available in the document Sustainability-Linked Securities Framework.

Research, Development and New Businesses

We want to be a supplier of sustainable solutions for the world. In our biostrategy, we study solutions that involve pulp and other materials derived from eucalyptus biomass for application in diverse segments, such as textiles, cosmetics, chemicals and construction.

The researchers at our Research Centers work with:

  • Open innovation;
  • Partnerships with the academic community, innovation centers, NGOs, startups and companies from other segments.

In 2022, the Company created Suzano Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund with US$70 million to invest in startups. With the initiative, Suzano plans to accelerate the open innovation process and become a global platform to foster entrepreneurship involving solutions for the bioeconomy based on planted forests. To learn more about this initiative, click here.

Commitment to Renewing Life related to this link in the chain: