At Suzano, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand: innovability is reflected in both projects to develop new products or services, as well as in internal processes, relations with stakeholders and social and environmental initiatives.

We have Culture Drivers that translate our way of being and acting: People who inspire and transform, Create and share value, and It’s only good for us if it's good for the world.

Our work is divided into two important pillars:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It is an important theme when we talk about people. That’s why, we have a Commitment to Renewing Life with targets that clearly show important this is important for us:

Moreover, to promote diversity and inclusion, in 2021 Suzano issued two Sustainability-Linked Bonds and one of the performance indicators was increasing the number of women in leadership positions at the Company by 2025.

For more details on the SLBs, click here:

Issue of Sustainability-Linked Bond 2028
Issue of Sustainability-Linked Bond 2032

Additional information on the sustainability scope linked to the bonds is available in the document Sustainability-Linked Securities Framework.

Social Development

We strive to reduce diverse types of risks and create a positive social impact on the regions where we operate. Our projects aimed at income generation and improving education bring a better quality of life and financial autonomy to our neighbors.

In addition, we have two Commitments to Renewing Life directly connected to the theme of Social Development, to be achieved by 2030: