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We are a forestry based publicly held company, controlled by Suzano Holding and belonging to Group Suzano. Recognized for innovation and a pioneering spirit for over 90 years, Suzano is a 100% Brazilian company that is a global reference in the development of products made from planted eucalyptus forests and one of the largest vertically integrated producers of eucalyptus pulp and paper in Latin America. Its product portfolio includes coated and uncoated printing and writing paper, paperboard, tissue paper, market pulp and fluff Pulp.

Our structure includes administrative offices in Salvador (BA) and in São Paulo (SP), three integrated pulp and paper mills in the state of São Paulo (Suzano Unit and Limeira Unit) and one in the state of Bahia (Mucuri Unit); one non-integrated paper mill in the state of São Paulo (Rio Verde Unit) and a pulp mill in the state of Maranhão (Imperatriz Unit), and FuturaGene. We also have the largest paper and graphic product distribution in South America. The Company's foreign structure consists in representative offices in China and the United Kingdom, as well as subsidiaries in the United States, Switzerland, Argentina and Austria. Suzano is one of the largest companies with a structure for distributing paper and printing products in South America.

In 2015, Suzano announced an investment to adapt one of its Printing and Writing machines at the Suzano mill to produce Fluff pulp, becoming a pioneer in the use of hardwood fiber to produce this kind of pulp. The operation's start-up was on December, 2015 and Suzano has now flexibility to produce up to 100 thousand tons of Fluff pulp or Printing and Writing paper.

In 2017, the Company began producing and selling tissue paper produced at its units in Mucuri, Bahia and in Imperatriz, Maranhão, announced the acquisition of tissue producer Facepa – Fábrica de Papel da Amazônia S.A. and launched its first brand of toilet paper, Max Pure®. In 2018, the company will launch sales of finished goods in key markets of Brazil’s North and Northeast regions. The expansion of the Company’s product portfolio creates sustainable value, maximizes its asset base and narrows its relationship with end consumers.


Last updated on June 3, 2020